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Streamlined Process for California Solar Roofing Permits

Great News for Homeowners Interested in Solar Roofing

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The push for solar power roofing is gaining steam. And our Bay Area solar experts are excited!

What’s the latest news?

The California Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development helped approve a permit to fast-track the solar permitting process for nearly a million Bay Area residents. The new initiative will slash bureaucratic obstacles, speed up solar system installation times, and reduce the costs of such installations. Tom Bates, the Mayor of Berkeley, said the new initiative will “standardize the solar permitting process and make it more business- and user-friendly … our new process will create high quality jobs and help our region reduce greenhouse gas emissions and maintain a healthy planet for the next generation.”

Help for Nearly a Million Californians

The permitting plan will go into effect for nine cities, including Berkeley, Oakland, Hayward, Emeryville, Richmond, San Leandro, El Cerrito, Hayward, Albany, and Alameda. It helps homeowners, municipalities, and businesses bypass traditional red tape and save on engineering expenses. It’s an incremental improvement, and then some.

New Thinking about Solar?

The new process will likely also speed along a sea change in how Northern Californians think about solar energy. For decades, solar was considered a bit of pipedream – a fixation for the very environmentally conscious, perhaps. But in the last several years, thanks to advances in technology and engineering — coupled with impulsive market forces — the game has genuinely changed. Many normally conservative observers believe that we may be seeing the first sparks of a full blown solar revolution.

Ready for Your Own Solar Power Roofing?

Do you need information about how to modernize your building with solar to save money, enjoy rebates, and add value to your property? If so, please get in touch with the experienced team here at Century Roof and Solar. We’d be happy to discuss solar panel installations as well as optimal pricing. Call us now at 1-888-233-7548 or email our team to schedule your free estimate.

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