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Protecting Your Roof from Bay Area Winter Weather

Winter Roof Preparation Tips

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The Bay Area doesn’t get many ice storms, blizzards, sleet and other extreme winter weather. But roofing contractors in the Bay Area know that the season is nothing to mess around with. In fact, the winter can be quite traumatic for your roof, thanks to temperature and moisture fluctuations, heavy winds, and other unpredictable seasonal factors.

If you live in an area where the temperature occasionally dips below freezing, protect against ice dams, which can ruin your gutters and ravage your roof. Also: winterize your pipes and sprinklers, so that water doesn’t freeze in them and create cracks and leaks.

In addition, add insulation to your attic; inspect for broken, missing, warped, discolored, or otherwise “problematic” roof tiles; and do some pre-winter tree trimming. If you haven’t already done so, clean your gutters of the gunk, leaves, and debris that accumulated during summer/fall.

Professional Roof and Gutter Services

Even if your roof looks “okay,” you can still benefit tremendously from talking to a roofing repair consultant with Century Roof & Solar to make sure that your protection is adequate. After all, it’s so much simpler and more cost effective to manage roofing problems before they become big problems – and to do so while the weather is still relatively pleasant.

Call 1-888-233-7548 or email the roofing contractors at Century Roof & Solar today for thorough, ethical, and useful guidance about your winterization preparation.

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