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Does Solar Roofing Work in Bad Weather?

Solar Roofing Installations in the Bay Area

Solar roofing can cut energy costs and contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle. If you are considering solar power installation, you may be wondering how bad weather will impact the effectiveness of your solar panels. The Bay Area experiences its fair share of foggy and gloomy days; those of us who live here often are forced to field endless questions from our friends and relatives who live elsewhere about our cloudy weather. So what happens to solar power roofing during cloudy or rainy days?

Solar companies have measured the effectiveness of their products in bad weather and have come to peculiar conclusions. While sunny Southern California might seem like the ideal place to set up solar roofing, solar panels actually work better in cooler weather. In fact, San Francisco solar power roofing generates only 1% less energy than Sacramento.

This does not mean bad weather does not have any impact on solar panel efficiency. A light fog causes 8%–15% less electricity output; whereas a heavy fog might decrease efficiency by around 15%–20%. But while cloudy or rainy days impact the amount of energy solar panels produce, you can still make use of the renewable resource of our sun and generate solar powered energy.

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