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Thermal Imaging Leak Detection for Bay Area Roofs

Roof Leak Repair and Prevention Methods

In the rainy fall and winter season here in the East Bay, roof leaks are not uncommon. Several methods, including regular roofing inspection and thermal imaging leak detection, can prevent major roof leaks.

The cheapest and most important way to avoid roof leak repair is regular inspection. A once-per-year professional inspection can spot cracked, torn, or curled shingles, blistering or bubbling in a flat roof, mold, and other types of decay.

Infrared Thermal Imaging is a non-destructive, non-invasive option for evaluating roof and ceiling conditions. A Thermal Imaging camera can identify wall studs and ceiling joists with significant temperature variations that indicate an insulation weakness. These spots are vulnerable to leaks. Using ITI lets homeowners know exactly where to regularly inspect for leaks and catch them before they start.

Lastly, indoor inspections identify problem areas. Any gray, yellow, or brown stains, peeling paint, or moisture marks indicate a damaged or leaking roof. It also helps to check the attic; damp rafters are often emblematic of roof damage. A sharp increase in energy bills is also a good indication that heat is escaping through a leaky roof.

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