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The Increasing Trend Of Skylights And Sun Tubes – See Why It Would Be a Nice Fit For Your Home.

Why are Skylights and Sun Tubes So Popular?

Skylights and so-called “sun tubes” are becoming increasingly popular – not just among cutting-edge architects but also among “rank and file” building designers and homeowners.  What’s changed about our collective attitude towards these features?
1. First of all, skylights and sun tubes can help you save on electricity bills.
In an “up” economy, saving a few bucks a month on your power bill might not seem like much.  But in today’s troubled economy, homeowners and small businesses are turning over every rock to look for innovative ways to save. When you get natural sunlight through a skylight or sun tube to light up your kitchen, bathroom, rec room, or other area, you don’t need to keep flipping on and off the electricity.
2. Aesthetics.
Let’s face it.  A properly installed, “feng shui” engineered skylight can work wonders for a room.  Skylights are a lot more attractive than florescent overhead lights, for instance, and human beings have a biological craving for natural sunlight.
3. Airtight installations.
New technology and innovative installation techniques have resolved problems (leaks and loss of heat/cool air) that once plagued the skylight and sun tube industry.  A qualified and reputable company, such as CenturyRoof and Solar, can install airtight and leak-proof lights easily.
4. Remote control openings.
One possible downside to some skylights is that they must be cranked open and closed by hand.  This might not seem like to big of deal but if you are elderly, have a disability, or someone who might use the feature on a regular basis– a manually operated sunlight can be somewhat frustrating to use.  Fortunately, new technologies have solved this problem – many skylights can be cranked open via remote control now, nice for convenience and nice for show feature.
5. Vitamin D.
Compelling scientific research now suggests that many Americans suffer from vitamin D deficiency – a condition that’s associated with lack of natural sunlight.  By allowing more natural light into your home, you may be able to indulge (carefully!) in the sun’s natural rays and boost your vitamin D levels.
If you would like a personalized consultation regarding your skylight and sun tube needs, talk to the Bay Area leaders in roof systems, Century Roof and Solar.  Learn more at www.centuryrooftile.com or call 888-233-7548 for a free roofing/skylight sun tube quote.


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