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Why Get Solar for Your Home Today?

4 Irrefutable Reasons, Why You Should Have Solar For Your Home

While debates about climate change, energy independence, and alternative “green” energy rage, consumers find themselves at a difficult crossroads. What’s the best, safest, cheapest, most “green,” and least cumbersome way to power one’s house and one’s life?

New research and new technologies have re-inspired faith in one of the oldest – actually the oldest – energy source: solar.
Here are four reasons why it may behoove you to install a solar solution for your home or business immediately.

1. Good for the environment.

Solar is a totally non-polluting technology.  Not only are you not releasing carbon-dioxide, but you are also not contributing to particulate pollution.  Moreover, when you make the switch to solar, you create a kind of “social permission” for your friends, neighbors, and others in your community to do the same.  You create the change: your change sparks others to change and help the environment on a grander scale.

2. Independence from the power companies!

Although modern utility companies do a fairly good job of maintaining service, you’re in many ways at their mercy.  During sweltering summer months, for instance, power might be rationed just when you need it most to keep your AC flowing.  Alternately, with a solar installation – backed up by a battery powered system, so you can have power at night and on foggy days – you get total independence from your utility company.

3. Virtually eliminate your maintenance.

Even “old school” solar power systems had long lives.  Today’s systems can last 40 yearsor longer – no need to add fuel, do maintenance to the panels, or change out parts (there are no moving parts!).

4. Big financial motivations.

In 2008, the government created a tax incentive program to provide thousands of dollars in tax credits to homeowners who install solar energy solutions. This money is not simply a deduction against what can be taxed.  It is a dollar for dollar federal tax rebate.  Also, consider the longer term cost savings. Yes, installing a solar solution can lead to upfront costs. But imagine if you never had to pay a utility bill for the next four decades? How much would you save? It’s easy to calculate this – chances are, virtually every homeowner out there could save significantly over the long term.

If you have questions about solar power solutions, connect with the most trusted name in roofing – Century Roof and Solar.  For 15 years, we’ve served the Bay area with reliable solutions.  We are a Diamond Certified company.   Find out more about our process and solutions at  www.centuryrooftile.com, www.noutilitiybill.com or call 510-780-9489 to speak with one of our professionals.

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