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Winter Solar Panel Maintenance

Prepping Your Roof For Winter

Owning solar panels can help slash your winter heating bills, help the environment and even improve the value of your home and property. However, you may need to do some slight maintenance on the panels. Winter maintenance work can keep your systems functional, in spite of wear and tear caused by Mother Nature. Here are some guidelines:

First, take a look at the manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaning. Next, pick a good time to do the work. As intuition would suggest, solar panels can get blisteringly hot during the day, even during the winter. Choose early morning, late afternoon, or a cloudy day to do the work.

In most cases, a water hose can help you take off the pollen, bird doo, debris, leaves, and dust that can inhibit the efficiency of solar panels. If simple hosing doesn’t do it, take warm water and soap in a spray bottle and a sponge or soft cloth to swipe the panels. Avoid touching or trying to “clean” the wiring underneath the panels. Take care while going on up on the roof and using ladders, and consider hiring professional roofing contractors to help you.

Some studies suggest that biannual solar panel cleaning can help users improve their efficiency by 15 to 25 percent. Monitor your use and performance before and after cleaning to determine an ideal cleaning schedule going forward.

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