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How to Find a Roof Leak

Bay Area Roofing Contractor Shows How To Find New Roof Leaks?

Bad Bay Area Weather This Week May Bring New Roof Leaks. Here’s how to track them down.

Whether you’re searching for a new roof leak to repair because a tenant found a dark spot on the ceiling; or you need a roofing contractor to assess and fix storm damage to your shingles or skylights, you need to take action quickly.


When leaks go unnoticed (or un-repaired), they can lead to mold and mildew damage and create structural problems that can render the building susceptible to indoor air pollution. Such problems can sicken people and lead to problems renting properties or even lawsuits.


Here are critical tips to locate potential roof leaks.


Start with the obvious. Do you see a water stain in the attic? Look on the roof area right above the attic. Rule out the obvious and likely problem areas first.


Use all your senses to find diverse signs of leaks. Hunt for water spots, bad smells, mold spots, areas of discoloration, or areas that have been damaged by leaks in the past.


Search these common problem spots: flashing, shingles, gutter areas, places near downspouts, areas around gaskets and air vents.


Don’t assume that the leak is right above the damaged or wet spot. Trouble spots can be far removed from the actual source of water penetration. For instance, maybe a leak that originated near the chimney has manifested a damp patch 15 feet away, above your child’s bedroom.


Use water to aid the search. Work with a partner, who can spray the roof with water, while you look for places where leaks emerge. Or just wait for a wet rainy day to find trouble spots.


Avoid trying to diagnosis your roof’s condition all by yourself. Even if you catch and repair a few leaks yourself, odds are that you might miss one or two trouble spots. If you miss these, your home could still become beset by mold, mildew and damage.

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