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Inspecting Asphalt Shingles On Your Bay Area Roof

As autumn changes into winter, now is the time to get moving with your Bay Area roofing repair project. If you can fix leaks or structural deficiencies on your roof now – before the wild woolly Bay Area winter weather strikes – you can save money, time, and serious hassle.

Likely, you have more urgent tasks on your plate than getting your asphalt shingles inspected. However, if you fail to do adequate seasonal maintenance, you may pay a bitter price. A damaged roof can lead to water damage to your walls and furniture, mold and mildew, pest infestations, and an increased risk of an electrical shortage and/or house fire.

Fortunately, identifying problems with your shingles is not rocket science.

The first step involves simple observation. Scrutinize your roof, top to bottom. Look for debris, broken shingles, curled edges, or buckling, cupping, or sagging shingles. Some shingles may have lost their granules or gotten discolored. These and other “red flags” might indicate a superficial issue or a deeper, more pervasive problem with the roof.

Of course, since you’re not a professional roofer, so you may miss more subtle signs that “something is not right” with the shingles or the overall structure. Connect with the team here at Century Roof & Solar to get the inspection done professionally.

In addition, check your attic, ceilings, and roof decking for signs of potential leakage. Rust, bad odors, condensation, and peeling paint can all indicate a serious leakage problem or worse.

Even if you’re a competent do it yourselfer, shingle replacement can be a fraught exercise. If you do it wrong, you could get seriously hurt (e.g. fall off the roof, electrocute yourself, burn yourself, etc). You could also do further damage to the structure and/or miss key problem areas that ultimately will cost you thousands and create a dramatic, ongoing headache.

The Bay Area roofing repair team at Century Roof & Solar can help you deal with your issues. Find out more about us online today, or call us at 1-888-233-7548 to schedule a free consultation.

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