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Ten Ways to Go Green in 2012

One of your biggest New Year’s resolutions (other than the resolution to lose those last 10…or 30 pounds!) was to take better care of your planet. To that end, here are 10 ways to “go green” for the year ahead:

1. Walk and bike more. Yes, it’s fun to drive. And yes, if you live in the Bay Area, it could be difficult to get everywhere you want to go on foot or via bike or public transportation. But it’s less hard than you think to toss the car key; as a side benefit, you’ll be able to connect with your local community more.

2. Spend less time talking about “going green” and more time doing it. Every time you speak, you exhale a non-negligible quantity of carbon dioxide into the air. Save your breath… and save the planet.

3. Bedeck yourselves with pine needles. (Okay, maybe that’s taking “go green” a bit too literally.)

4. Educate yourself about going green. Adopting thoughtless, supposedly “environmentally conscious” measures that are not necessarily grounded in science won’t help the earth. It will just feed your ego. The “green” actions you take should be useful for the planet.

5. Connect with other “green enthusiasts” for ideas. You will get more ideas from your environmentally conscious friends and family members than you will from any website or top 10 list.

7. Be mindful of your water usage.

8. Monitor your energy consumption. Some studies suggest that homeowners who pay attention to how much energy they use – who have a monitor that allows them to actually see their consumption habits – subconsciously reduce their energy consumption significantly.

9. Inflate your tires. Poor tire maintenance can not only lead to serious car crashes, but it also leads to fuel efficiency problems.

10. Go solar! It’s easier, cheaper, and more fun to go solar than ever before. The trusted professionals at Century Roof & Solar will help you develop and execute a powerful solar solution. We’re one of the Bay Area’s most-respected roofing contractors.

Find out more about our solar installation capabilities at www.centuryroofandsolar.com, or call us for assistance now at (510) 780-9489.


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