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GAF TruSlate: Durable Roofing For Your Bay Area Home

Use Slate for a Beautiful Bay Area Roof

Bay Area slate roofingAs roofing contractors who are committed to green roofing in the Bay Area, we at Century Roof and Solar only use the best products for our customers.

We have had experience using a number of different roofing products. But one that stands out for its durability and beauty is GAF’s TruSlate.

Many people consider slate to be the most gorgeous, durable roofing product on Earth. Slate roofs connote “old world” prestige – and it just looks amazing. GAF’s TruSlate premium roofing system is the best in the business.

The system uses “genuine hand-split quarried slate,” and the installation method is simpler than traditional methods. It requires less total slate material, so there’s less total weight on the structure. This reduces the burden on the structure and simplifies the engineering. As a result, installation typically costs about less than half what normal slate roof installation costs.

Even though the slate is lighter/thinner than traditional slate, it looks identical. The “weight saving” comes from the fact that the “under belly” of the slate is replaced with a special type of waterproofing material called UnderBlock UV & Moisture Barrier. This technology uses high density polyethylene to protect the roof from weathering, stress, freezing, etc. The added durability reduces the need for costly roofing repairs.

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