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Do You Need to Repair or Replace Your Roof?

A Quick Guide to East Bay Re-Roofing

Bay Area Roofing ContractorsYou know you need to call roofing contractors to manage a big problem with your building. But do you need to replace your whole roof? Or will roofing repair suffice to meet your needs?

Whether a storm hit your Bay Area condo and shellacked your roof tiles; or a tenant spotted a massive leak, you have two basic options:

  • Patch leaks and spot repair damaged parts of the roof;
  • Conduct a partial or total re-roofing.

Damaged shingles look bad, but replacing shingles can be surprisingly simple, superficial work. Just remove the mangled shingles and attach new ones. There is one big catch, though; you need to find shingles or tiles that match your current roof. Unless you saved extra shingles from the original roofing job, you’ll need to hunt for tiles. Mismatched tiles don’t look great, even when they get the job done. A mismatched roof can also make your home less salable.

Partial re-roofing may seem like a logical solution; the work is less complex and labor-intensive than full re-roofing. However, on a square foot basis, partial roofing is actually pricier than complete re-roofing. Plus, you want to avoid fixing one section… only to have to fix subsequent other sections, months or years from now, in a piece-by-piece fashion.

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The whole calculus is tricky because you need to weigh short-term benefits/costs against long-term benefits/costs. A lackluster job done today may save you money upfront; over 10 years, though, you’ll pay a lot in repeat costs. Conversely, if you spend a lot re-roofing your building today — and then market pressures force you to sell it in a year — you may not recoup the costs. Talk to the team here at Century Roof & Solar to figure out an effective, strategic way to approach your roofing repair and/or replacement needs.

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