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Residential Roofing’s Top Trends

bay area re-roofing, shingles, roofThe primary goal of most modern-day homeowners is to ensure that their homes look attractive from both the inside and outside. As a result, there has been a significant change in their choices for roofing materials.

The Top Residential Roofing Trends

How recession changed the trends?
Recently conducted surveys have revealed that the majority of US residential roofing projects involve re-roofing. The country is currently home to hundreds of thousands of older homes, which will soon require a roof replacement or repair during the next few years. The recession of 2007-2008 prevented a large number of homeowners from putting off their re-roofing projects. During those torrid times, the country’s lending environment was unfavorable for any kind of home renovation.

At present day, these conditions have significantly improved such that the number of received calls from customers is increasing with each passing day. Through 2020, it is believed that the conditions will improve even more so. Soon, we will see the trend of homes with worn, older roofs subside.

Asphalt shingles are still the most beloved roofing material
With regards to the residential market, no other roofing material has succeeded in surpassing the popularity of asphalt shingles. Their modest cost and favorable appearance have allowed them to remain homeowners’ favorite product type within the residential roofing market. They also come with supplanted conventional three tab shingles. Experts predict that their popularity will continue to increase. The primary cause of their admiration is attributed to asphalt shingles’ ability to showcase damage resistance in exposure to high winds. They are the particular favorites of people living in the coastal areas who experience severe storms throughout the year.

Material considerations based on region
In the West and South, homeowners must select roofing material dependent on their building codes. These codes recommend cool roofing installation such to reduce energy consumption. Also, this allows products to meet those code requirements, (reflective, light-colored roofing) while gaining popularity at a great pace.

Roofing tiles and metal roofing materials are enjoying maximum popularity in the West and South.  Both for robustness (they offer higher resistance to wind) and aesthetic appeal, these materials score high regards, and thus, tend to be automatic choices for most homeowners living in the coastal regions.

However, it is believed that by 2020, other roofing materials like polymer products, natural slate, bituminous membranes will start gaining popularity in these parts of the country.

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