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How to Spot and Fix a Roof Leak

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Leaky roofs can devastate Bay Area businesses and homes.

Not only can a roof leak degrade the structural integrity of your roof — wearing always tiles and potentially causing the breakdown of wood — but it can also allow the growth of mold, which can destroy your indoor air quality and make people inside sick.

Here’s a quick run-down about how to find and deal with a leak.

Search for signs. Running water may show you where the leak is. If not, look under shingles and other potentially suspicious areas. You should see telltale signs, such as water staining or wood that has been rotten out. Go up in your attic, and use a flashlight to look for mold, marks, or water stains. If you can examine your home from a distance (e.g. look down on it from a hill), scan for signs of damage or discoloration near vents, chimneys, and tubes.

Spray for leaks. Here’s a somewhat “old school” method. Get up on the roof and spray it with a hose in a strategic fashion. You’ll need a helper for this method. The other person should go down below and looks for signs of leaks after you spray. Be sure to focus on one area at a time, so you can isolate any leaks you uncover.

Fix the leaks. Even fixing exceedingly “minor,” localized leaks can cause a fair amount of challenges — more than most homeowners expect. The do-it-yourself (DIY) process can be expensive and dangerous, too. Rather than risk a poor diagnosis — or getting injured while on a ladder looking for or attending to a leak — connect with the Century Roof & Solar team today for professional roof repair.

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Thermal Imaging Roof Leak Detection

Our roof leak detection service will quickly and easily located the source of the leak so the area can be repaired in a timely fashion. Let us relieve your stress and anxiety about the leak and protect your greatest investment. Contact us today at (888) 233-7548 or fill out our online contact form located here on our website.

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