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Why Do You Need Proper Roofing Insulation?

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Whether you’re developing a roofing solution for a San Francisco apartment complex; or you’re running a property investment company, you know you need to do a good job with roof insulation. But why? What’s so important about insulation?

Insulation stops the transfer of heat from the building to the environment. As you probably remember from elementary physics, energy likes to “spread out” evenly in any environment. Thus, heat will tend to travel from a hot area towards a cold area. This compulsion heat has for wanting to “spread out” creates heating and cooling problems for building owners and can ultimately lead to a damaged roof.

  • In the summer, you want to cool your building. But this creates disequilibrium, causing heat to radiate out to bring the environment back into equilibrium.
  • During the winter, you want a building that’s warmer than the environment. But the heat inside your building will seek to escape and merge with the colder outside air.

How do you stop or at least slow this gradient?

The answer is to construct, maintain, and troubleshoot a roof insulation system. This system will determine your heating/cooling gradient effects and, indirectly, your energy consumption needs. If you have bad insulation – or damaged insulation – heat will leach freely and easily back into the environment: your building will warm up on hot days and cool down on cold days. Better insulation will protect you against over consuming energy. It can also provide protect your structure from mold and mildew, improve the fire rating of your facility, reduce your carbon dioxide footprint, reduce condensation in your building, and minimize the extension and contraction of your roof due to thermal fluctuations.

Improved insulation has excellent indirect effects as well, particularly if you’re a property owner, or a landlord. If your roof is great shape, you may be able to get reduced rates on insurance, and investors may be more likely to lease or buy in your building.

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