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Roof Maintenance Tips for Summer

When to Repair Your Roof

Bay Area roofing repair business often picks up during the summer, even though it’s the most placid season of the year. Why? Many homeowners understand the power of proactive maintenance in terms of reducing costs, eliminating hassle, and increasing property value. To that end, here are several tips to help you protect your roof:

1. Get a professional inspection.

Call an East Bay roofing company, like Century Roof & Solar, to evaluate your needs, to repair/manage any current roofing issues, and to prevent problems from emerging in the fall and winter. You can also do a self-inspection, although you probably won’t be able to do as thorough a job. Examine your eaves and gutters, looking for shingles that have become moldy or warped. A ground inspection can be useful, but you may also need to get up on the roof and poke around to find trouble spots.

2. Clean out your gutters and remove debris, such as fallen branches and toys.

Debris can perforate the roof, creating leaks, which can in turn set up a cascade of damage to the roofing system and attic, which can spark the growth of molds and fungi. Cleaning up from this mess can be incredibly expensive and annoying.

3. Evaluate your ventilation systems.

Make sure that you are not leaching heat (or cool air) and driving up your air-conditioning and heating bills. A ventilation inspection can also help you identify air quality problems as well as structural dangers before they pose serious hazards.

Contact the Bay Area Roofing Experts

For a professional roof inspection to minimize the likelihood of trouble in the future, call Century Roof & Solar team for a free estimate. We can also introduce you to powerful and cost-effective solar roofing options. Call us today: 1-888-233-7548.

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