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Roof Maintenance Tips for Summer

Call an Bay Area roofer to evaluate your needs, to repair/manage any current roofing issues, and to prevent problems from emerging in the fall and winter. Read the rest of this entry »

Using Thermal Imaging to Detect Roof Leaks

Thermal imaging leak detection is an exciting, powerful technology that the Century Roof and Solar team is using for roofing repairs. Read the rest of this entry »

Do You Need to Repair or Replace Your Roof?

You need roofing contractors to manage a problem with your building's roof, but do you need a whole new roof? Or will roofing repair suffice to meet your needs? Read the rest of this entry »

Why Do You Need Proper Roofing Insulation?

What's so important about having the proper roof insulation? The Bay Area roof repair experts weigh in. Read the rest of this entry »

How to Spot and Fix a Roof Leak

Leaky roofs can devastate Bay Area businesses and homes, and affect the health of its residents. Here’s a quick run-down about Bay Area roof leak repair. Read the rest of this entry »

Protecting Your Roof from Bay Area Winter Weather

Winter can be hard on your roof, thanks to temperature and moisture changes, heavy winds, and unpredictable seasonal factors. Here's some essential roofing and gutter repair tips. Read the rest of this entry »

Bay Area Flat Roof Maintenance

Our East Bay roofing professionals handled a huge number of flat roof maintenance and repair jobs. But why do flat roofs “break down” so often? Read the rest of this entry »

Prevent Bay Area Roof Repair With Skylight Maintenance

For help with skylight maintenance and repair, or for more information about solar roofing, get in touch with the East Bay roofing contractors here at Century Roof and Solar for help. Read the rest of this entry »

What Is the Ideal Roof for Your Bay Area Solar Installation?

Tips for Bay Area solar roofing installation projects. Read the rest of this entry »

Inspecting Asphalt Shingles On Your Bay Area Roof

As autumn changes into winter, now is the time to get moving with your Bay Area roofing repair project. If you can fix leaks or structural deficiencies on your roof now – before the wild woolly Bay Area winter weather strikes – you can save money, time, and serious hassle. Read the rest of this entry »